Our property business loans can be tailored with interest-only payments for certain time periods.

We do not charge any early repayment penalties, but do have a minimum 60-day-period charge at the beginning of the loan if you settle within this 60-day period.

We consider all types of property as security (except agricultural and primary residence properties), and always try find a way to fund deals when a property is used as security and we are the first bondholder. We do consider foreign property as security as long as we are the first bondholder. You can also use a friend or family member’s property as security for a loan.

If there is substantial equity in the property and other tangible security is offered. This will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

Our monthly rates start from as low as 2%. The rate depends on various factors (loan term, loan size, exit event and deal complexity).

We charge a once-off documentation/structuring fee of at least 1% of the loan amount. Please also note that all conveyancing, bond registration and bond cancellation costs are for the borrower’s account.

It usually takes three to five weeks to register a bond and fund.

We are managed by Ryan Lazarus, a Director of  www.rmcapital.co.za and a former Morgan Stanley investment banker.

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